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Recognised as one of the best twentieth century design and architecture experts, Clément Cividino is said to embody the profession’s new generation. A collector for the past twelve years, he maintains a constant awareness for varied productions and emerging talents.


His acute eye led him to bring to light the work of several artists and designers such as the architect Georges Candilis, Jean Paul Barray and the sculptors Simonnet. Over the years he has assembled a varied collection which he exhibits in both structured and innovative ways by

staging carefully curated displays where works and spaces resonate with one another.


For some he is an antic dealer, for others a design hunter or even a designer himself. Akin to the new wave movement, he would rather defend his status of curator, a profession considered to be the newest in the world yet still very little known.


This is why he has strategically decided to promote his work via the press and social media which in turn enabled him to showcase the diversity of his profession, background, interests and sources of inspiration. His approach improves the quality of the communication with artists, collectors and other market players by highlighting their drive and energy, the history behind the hunt for rare or popular objects, using inspiring spaces and breathing new life into the market where he evolves.

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