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017. Blue WBS70 / Berlin

120 x 80 cm / limited and numbered edition n°1/12
Digigraphy print on 320g textured cotton fineart paper.

Certification: Signed and numbered by hand.

Frame: Black wood

Romain Gateaux , multidisciplinary artist cut is teeth in Berlin.
He first attended the Dbs school videographer and then naturally turned to photography at the Neue schulz fotographie from which he graduated. He uses photography as his main medium but is not restricted to this one. He also mixes other tools such as writing, painting, engraving ... the work of multiple experiments is lasting.

During the Cold War, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, architecture was the showcase of an ideology and the Plattenbaus a reflection of East Germany.Indeed the Pankow regime wanted to wipe out the past and Berlin was to become a capital according to the socialist model.
The planned economy suffered from numerous shortages in the supply of building materials. Traditional material was scarce, which is why the Baukombinates produced prefabricated panels very quick and easy to install. ?The workers dormitories nicknamed Plattenbaus are now invading the urban landscape of the GDR.
Following the fall of the Berlin wall, these large complexes were shunned by the population and a few years later the Plattenbaus experienced a resurgence in popularity and were rehabilitated with the help of colorization of certain sections of the wall partly thanks to the support of artists who turn these walls into a true work of art as well as supporting the city.

Gallery Clement Cividino ENT / Edition Urban for the VisaOff in the city of Perpignan.

Photography by Romain Gateaux

2 000,00 €Prix
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